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My wife won't consider children!

However sexist it sounds, children are a FAR bigger deal for women than they are for men. What you’re asking for is essentially an 18 year commitment, the bulk of which lands on the mother. Therefore she has to sacrifice her job (for a little while at least, whether or not you plan to take on childcare as soon as the baby is born, she needs time to recover and time off beforehand to prepare), her body (nothing goes back to how it was before pregnancy), her social life, her life with you…

There are a number of things you can do here – try fostering for example. Not only are you doing a wonderful thing for a child, but it also gives you the chance to experience what life will be like. You may change your mind after this.

The only thing you can do in situations like this is hope and talk. If a woman has decided she doesn’t want children, then that is something you have to respect. However, her mind may be changed. Talk through your options and establish where you are in life.

Even if this does end your marriage, it doesn’t end the chance of having children. Find plenty of women here who are as desperate for kids as you.

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