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My wife won't let me go on holiday with my friends!

Boys holidays have a notorious reputation for being scandalous. It is even worse if there are girls going as well. Your wife will probably become jealous and protective because there is chance (however minimal) that you might cheat (this is paranoia at its best) and she can’t understand why she hasn’t been invited along. Yes, you live with her, but there is a difference between the type of activity you do at home and the break from it all that a holiday ensues. She probably just wants to go and have fun with you.

What you need to do is plan. Don’t spring it on her and expect her not to have a little huff and whatever you do, don’t lie about it. Introduce her to your friends and make sure she’s comfortable with them. Buy her lots of things while you’re there, spoil her when you get back, make her feel missed. I guarantee, with the right kind of attention, your wife will be begging you to go away without her again.

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