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My wife won't leave the house!

Some women are so comfortable in their own home that the idea of going out and facing the outside wolrd is quite frightening. This could stem from a number of issues:

  • Self confidence - maybe she has been put down by work colleagues, family, friends etc to such an extent she now feels that she can't achieve anything.
  • If you have children in the house or lodgers, she may feel uncomfortable leaving it because of the fear it might get damaged.
  • The increasing advent of internet retailing means that in all honesty, other than it being healthy, she doesnt really have a reason to get out when everything can be delivered straight to your door.
  • Friends fall out. If she has recently had a bust up with a friend, it might be that she feels she can't go to her usual spots due to a fear of running into them. By not running into them, the problem is never resolved and over time it gets incresingly worse.

These things have to be considered with care and consideration. It is no use getting frustrated with your wife, she needs you to be calm and civilized about it. Talk about it and address the issue and find out where she stands - if she wants to change, then organise counselling for her, or try and help introduce her back into the system by taking her out to lunch etc.

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