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My wife won't let me diet!

Lots of women lose confidence when their husband starts dieting because they believe it will make him more attractive to other women, thus making them more competitive and increasing that worry of infidelity. Although she trusts you, the idea of adulterous behaviour is far outweighed by her own confidence issues – she worries she won’t be attractive enough for you anymore,

So how do you stop this from happening? How do you keep the peace in your marriage as you start your quest for health? Firstly, encourage her to join you, Explain you would like to be healthier, but don’t use the word ‘diet’. That way, she’ll help you become more of the person you want to be while being comfortable with it and maybe even getting into shape herself. You should also reassure her if she does have an issue with it that you only have eyes for her. If this is not strictly true however, then you should go here where there are hundreds of women there that seriously appreciate a man in shape…

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