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My wife won't shut up!

A common problem with a common response – are you really listening to her? Often women talk and talk, seemingly at you, because they don’t think you’re paying any attention to them, which, by the sounds of it, you aren’t. You’ll probably find that if you do act like you’re listening to her, she’ll be so shocked she’ll be lost for words.

Engage in the conversation she’s trying to have with you. That way it isn’t just a monotonal drone in your ear and you might actually find yourself not only enjoying hearing what she has to say, but also as the commander of the conversation. Then it’s on your terms. Sneaky hey?

You married her; surely this is something she’s always done? No one is perfect – if it’s annoying you every now and then, suck it up! We all have our faults. If it’s annoying you all the time, then take a look here where you’ll find plenty of braindead and uninteresting women.
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