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My wife won't sleep with me!

The problem might well be you. Unfortunately, all women have their dream man image (and obviously the majority of them have found it if they’ve married you), but it’s ever so easy in a relationship to ‘let yourself go’, thus equalling your deterioration in your wife’s eyes.

Sex with the same person can become dull. It’s a common problem and is easily fixable. Try something new, surprise her and just have some fun. However, if you’re finding that you’re both too tired for sex, whether after a long day/week of work or after a particularly stressful time with the kids, then try and set some time aside as a couple, come to an arrangement – don’t force it. Sex is hugely important in a marriage, keep it fresh and interesting.

Remember also, women face a huge amount of pressure from the media – it might be that she feels unattractive, which isn’t something that equates well for sex. Make her feel special!

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