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My wife won't stop spending!

Everyone likes to provide for their family, but there comes a point where things have gone too far. If you can go without, then so can she and as a unit, you need to make this happen.

Work out a budget. This first and foremost importance goes to living costs, debts (such as mortgages, loans and overdrafts) and your children. After the essentials have been calculated, then start looking into what you can afford on leisure. If it means she has to go without that Dior dress, then so be it! This might be difficult for her to accept, because fashion is a huge thing is girl world. Encourage other means of dressing well – vintage clothing is very in right now! You can even be creative and suggest she finds ways of redesigning her old clothes.

If it’s your money she’s spending and it continues to be a problem, then it may be worth limiting what you give her and encouraging her to open her own account for savings etc. However, if she’s the main breadwinner, be prepared for her to use that one against you.

Alternatively, you could fight back and do a bit of spending of your own. Take a look at this page and see what your money could do for you!

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