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My wife won't talk to me!

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This can often feel like rejection and can have a seriously negative effect on your relationship. If she won’t talk to you, it might be that there is something seriously wrong in her life or the way you are treating her. All too often couples fall into a downward spiral that has disastrous effects on their children, friends and health – you can stop this by identifying the problem and talking about it. If you think you might be the problem, try and find out why – take a good hard look at yourself and the issue might well be obvious.

There’s also a possibility that something in her life is bringing her down and you’re not noticing. It too might well be obvious. Problems at work, falling out with a friend, issues with parents – they’re all possibilities.

It has to be resolved, this much is certain. Do what you can to make her feel at ease and comfortable with you and together you can work at solving the problem. It might be that this takes your relationship to a whole new level!

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